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Dec 19, 2007
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Lake Buena Vista, FL
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A couple years ago, I all but gave up my love of photography in moving from Oregon to Florida. Didn't have time to get out and do it. Now, I have the time again and I've spent that entire two years wanting nothing more than to get back out and shoot.

Two weeks ago, I was in Hawaii with Family, and I was able to go out and shoot for hours on end, and realized just how much I missed this art. Yesterday was a milestone for me: I went out on my day off and just shot. And shot. And shot. Anything that caught my eye was fair game... I must have looked like a tourist in Las Vegas (or New York... or Los Angeles... or...). Had a great time, and now I am nothing if not thirsting for more.

This brings me to my question: What are some awesome places to go shoot in Central Florida? I don't find nearly as much to catch my eye here as I did back in Oregon with the Gorge, wine country, coast, mountains, Columbia River, Mount St. Helens, and other neat features that I left in coming here.

I love going into Disney parks (where I now work) and those of other companies to shoot, but that gets somewhat old, because the things there are so often static, and as a rule in the parks, unless I know someone I don't shoot them.

So what other things do I live near that would be neat to shoot? Where are there places that would make good backdrops for outdoor portraits?

Ideally, I would like my re-found hobby to make money for me in the long run, but for now I want to just get out and shoot and get my eyes back in the practice of constantly finding things to shoot.

So, from other Floridians, or anyone who knows the area well, what are some neat places, or out of the way things that other people don't often get to? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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