Central high


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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
Across the street from my house.

^ It's not really lens flare, per se. The smaller aperture one uses, the more 'star effect' one can get from prominent light sources. It's all about the aperture............. Try it out, you'll see.........

thanks again for lookin':)

BTW--Anyone see anything a little 'funny' in this image?
Cool shot Craw. Nicely done. Love the flare.
C'mon - tell us: what is funny about this photo ...

...which I like a lot, by the way?
Is it that the "street light" that gives off the biggest glare does not stand on anything? Is it maybe only a reflected streetlight in that window that gives off this glare? (Is "glare" the correct word here?)
Wow cool shot. It's so sharp too. Did you use a self timer or shutter release cable? Whenever I try long exposure shots I get camera shake.:confused:
LaFoto said:
C'mon - tell us: what is funny about this photo ...

If you look at the bottom of the photo on the steps directly under the flared light you will see my ghost. I didn't sit there long enough for myself to become visible though. Next time............

Alex--I used a tripod and the 2 second delayed timed shutter release. The shutter was set to a 30 second exposure. A tripod is an ABSOLUTE MUST for exposures longer than 1/15th of a second.

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