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Aug 27, 2012
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Orlando, FL
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It was a cold, foggy day in New York...my goal was to show the contrast between the peaceful park and the hustle and bustle of the city.

I use a method that I really like for HDR.

I only take one photo, however once in light room I make 3 copies of it. One -2 on the exposure, one normal, and one at +2 exposure.

Then I export those 3 files in to photomatix.

That way I don't have to worry about ghosting, alignment, ect.

Wondering your thoughts on the processing or anything else.


To be honest, it's not doing much for me. I like the scene well enough, but the processing just seems... unnatural.
Fair enough. Can you put your finger on what feels unnatural?

The more I look at it, I think maybe the color of the sky is off.

Also, I am losing image quality somewhere along the process, the original looks a lot better on my screen.
Would you prefer one later in the day, towards night?

I think it's just that the lighting doesn't seem 'right'; my photographers' brain knows that scene couldn't exist that way in that lighting...
I agree with @tirediron... 1, 2, and 4 have lighting that looks pretty unnatural, the sky doesn't appear to be correct, and the colors are too saturated. The white balance also seems off on several of them.
My thought was it's a lot of blue. The buildings are blue, the bridge is blue. HDR to me often seems to look overprocessed and artificial, maybe more adjustment would tone down the color.
In number one my eye goes directly to that red and green thing on the top of that building (left-center). I can't seem to force myself to look at anything else. I think if that was toned down some it would be a more pleasing composition.
Your opening shot has the saturation way too high, and no shade, so it looks unnatural.
Perhaps you can post the first image before copying it to +2/-2EV? Let's take a look at what the original looks like.
TiredIron, he said he would keep posting until you were happy...so keep quiet...) I like NY scenes ;)
Ok, I agree, the blue color is too much.
I really like the angles of 2 and 4! Can you re- work them more naturally?
I am newer here, so can't tell you how to adjust, but I like the views...
It appears as though the sun has shifted into the blue spectrum. There is very little red in these. The church is the only one that has normal color.

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