Check it out

Yeah, your pictures are pretty good.

Website, not so much. It just looks a bit amateurish.

Try keeping the font on the first page of only one size, don't use italics for no reason, don't put so many links in the first paragraph. The header doesn't really match the rest of the page (I'm talking about the blue sky thing) and orange + light blue doesn't fit well.

For your gallery page, all the images are centered which looks kinda odd. Once you select a category, its ok.

News looks good.

The about page feels kinda empty. I wouldn't write in 3rd person. Feels kinda weird reading it.
thanks for the critique! i temporarily fixed the title header but i will get back to that later today. for the gallery page do you think i should do like an organized view of thumbnails? also, im trying to put in some flash slideshow to view the photos horizontally instead of having to scroll down to view all of the photos. Thanks again!!
Nice sites! i especially like the first one! Im still in high school so i dont have time to go to community college or take design classes but my problem with spending $200-300 and then some for website hosting is that im not too sure there is a market for my photography. Do you think my photos would sell if i created a professional website and made them available to purchase? because i don't wanna throw that money into a hole....

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