Cheerlaeders and Rugby (56k)


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Feb 10, 2006
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Some shots from the Harlequins vs Les Catalans Dragons taken at The Stoop.

But before the Rugby shots here are a few shots of the Cheerleaders


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and if you made it this far down some Rugby shots

Great series! Keep on this way, and you might end up selling shots like this to newspapers etc.. Great work.
Good stuff! man, the women are pretty decent up there huh.... im sure our cheerleaders dont look that did well with the rugby shots aswell btw! :thumbup:
duncanp said:
how many people were there to watch the rugby? :lol:

nice photos

there was over 3400 people there. I think at least 6 of them were there for the Rugby :lol:
Lensmeister said:
Cheerleaders at rugby ?

Why ?

All the Aussie NRL teams have Cheersquads, My missus slaps me if she catches me staring too hard at them. :lol:

Nice shots mate, what gear were you using?
I would be lying if I said that the first six shots were just ok, but I really like the 11th. Man first six are really nice shots and I really like the tones and viewpoint here. But in all honesty I like that 11th shot. Ya right! Great work!
Hey I am going to have to start charging you - I have updated my site with the Harlequins Hearts as they have requested :hail: I think we should visit every ground to collect the best cheer leaders in Super League and then we could hold a vote at the end of the season or maybe arrange a 'Callender Girls' shoot:mrgreen:

National Leap Frog Championships
duncanp said:
how many people were there to watch the rugby? :lol:

nice photos

maybe the OP and the players of Rugby..

but the babes are pretty..

i love them..LOL

nice series you got here..

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