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Oct 5, 2010
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Boston, MA
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Hey folks,

Glad to be part of this community - from poking around it looks like there's a good mix of expertise and interests here. I'm sure I'll learn a bunch along the way, and hopefully I can be useful myself.

Photography has been a somewhat serious hobby for about five years or so now. (Thank goodness for the digital revolution allowing me to shoot, shoot, shoot and learn as I go. I fully appreciate film, that just would have been an expensive way to experiment!) My background is largely in landscapes though I've begun working more with models lately. I'm always up for chatting about photography, and if you're remotely in the Boston area drop me a line and give me a reason to get out and shoot!
Hi Rob,
Welcome to the forum. I'm also from Boston, well, just south of Boston actually. I've only been on here here a short time myself, but I can garrauntee there's a wealth of good information here. Enjoy.

Hello Rob. Welcome to TPF! :)

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