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Mar 19, 2006
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Nottingham, UK
Ok, so i am not laying claim to these pictures, clearly. But I saw this and thought it was full of stunning, harrowing photographs and really highlights how photos can tell a story. The audio is also very good. Near to the anniversary of Chernobyl, we really shouldn't forget what affect it had on people's lives.

So here is Paul Fusco's - Chernobyl Legacy

I hope you like it.

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This should be the strongest coverage on Chernobyl, I've come accross, as of yet.
bigfatbadger said:
Pretty powerful isn't it?
Glad you all liked it!

I had to go back and watch it twice. I am flabbergasted.

I sit here, in my own little world thinking about bills and problems and
complaining about the price of a gallon of gas. My dog is in the hospital in ICU
and is costing about $1000 to get her better. My yard needs mowing and it's
hot and I'm being lazy.

Man. Talk about a SERIOUS reality check. It made me weep. Amazing.
I've seen many essays and photos of Chernobyl. Usually pictures of ghost towns void of what is truely the tragic part the story... the people. The first part of his photo essay completely floored me.

Thanks for the link....

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