Chicago @ 4:30am: Series!


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Jul 28, 2005
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Park Ridge, IL/West Lafayette, IN
Was still awake one night around 2, so I decided to take a trip to Downtown Chicago on a warm day. It was pretty creepy, let me tell you. I talked to a lot of security guards, ran away from random scary people, etc to take these pics haha. Tell me what you guy's think!!

1. Homeless and Dreaming: I

2. Mass Production

3. Untitled

4. Colors of Chicago
I think the shots are technically good, I like the lighting, they are very crisp and the color gives them a nice feels, although I would say if your up again at that hour go to a place in chicago that is usually teammig with people and get a wide angle shot with no-one there. I think that would be a great shot. Maybe go to the financial district and get a shot of someone heading into work way too early, a sole light on in an office building, or usually busseling transit station when it is empty. I would love to see those. Dont get me wrong though I love how you have the dedication and desire to go out at 4:30a.m. and take photos, you are a true photogrpher.
Cities take on a different persona throughout the day - these images are really very good - they have a quality that shows the mood of a city when everyone has gone home and only the few soles inhabit the canyons of the streets. The last shot of the stairs leading up to The Loop is so Chicago it just took me back to the time I spent there Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories
I Love Chicago!!! You have some great shots here for sure. The L stairs are Great, and the person sleeping in the doorway is Very nice. Unfortunatly its a common site these days and it is sad, but it is still A good shot.
The photos look really cool, nice lighting. But more than anything, strolling around at 4.30 am with a shiny camera.... :hail:
Cool series. #1 and 4 are my faves. Brave person to go downtown at that hour to take pics!!
good captures, you really caught the desolate feeling of early morning in a city...... nice job :thumbup:
Wow, great shots. I love the lighting and feel to them.. I love the shadows in #1.
wow thanks for everyone's replies! and thanks for giving me more ideas for next time..whenever I feel spontaneous again haha. Yea it's definitely not the safest idea to go out there at night, but honestly, people are people and just because you're roaming around the street at around 4am doesnt make you a murderer!

I will definitely take more desolate shots, as a lot of these pictures dont show the empty feel that I felt while I was there. Next time for sure! Thanks again!
nitefly said:
Wow your brave, I'd never go out at 4.30am.. I'd get shot by gangsta's or something haha..

Nice shots :)

american metropolis are the most dangerous in the world. People have guns freely. You should avoid them, not just at night, but all day.

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