Chicago Cubs Dixeland Band


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Jun 13, 2011
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Daytona Beach,Fl
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I have been trying for sometime now to capture people and scenes like this , what does everyone think of it , I am unsure of it myself and I dont know if its too much thanks for any input giving 3 shots 2 ev apart
It looks oversaturated and oversharpened. I would go toward the bottom of the stairs and shoot up toward them to get a better shot.
Could have it been done without hdr I wanted a shot with very little shadows, and Thank you KathyThorson I will retry to process the photo as you have said and yes a better angle was called for after you have pointed it out
I think moving down from where row 106 is and shooting on a upward angle would have worked better to avoid the back of the guys head that is cutting off one of the band members.
Thanks Vip your photos is the kinda feel is was going for I but I was looking for others input as well I wanna see what everyone has to say about good or bad thats how we learn
Cross town classic!

I like this shot simply because its the cubs :)

the last game i went to before getting deployed was actually the cubs vs sox @ wrigley back in '09

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