Children just want to help!


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May 25, 2003
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Bristol UK
Its amazing how helpful children can be. Lydia decided that the fridge magnets really wanted a wash so she knew exactly what to do!

beautiful child!
ever try increasing saturation of the eyes?
Of course she's beautiful. She's my granddaughter :D

I've increased the saturation and changed the hue of eyes in the past but I find it often looks a bit false. Perhaps I go too far. I seem to remember removing red-eye with this one as it was a spur of the moment snapshot. I don't think I made any other changes except for reducing the size for easier viewing.

Thanks for the comments
you have to be very careful not to go too far when increasing saturation, but it really enhances the photo without taking away by looking false if you get it just right. increase in very small increments, zoom out each time you increase to see if you've reached that point where it's too much, then back it up one or two steps...
Increasing the saturation made the eyes go reddish so I changed the colour balance to try to bring out the natural colour. I'm sure I've not gone too far but have I gone far enough?

you definitely did not go too far, nice job. the secret really is to take it just to the limit, then step back. this child is so beautiful, though, it's almost silly to talk about enhancing anything- i mean, how do you improve on perfection, right?
You can't improve on the perfection of my granddaughter but I would not claim perfection for my snapshot of her. I just think its a nice candid shot 8)
damien, she is very pretty.

i thought it was a great shot!


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