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Apr 3, 2006
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Sorry, I battled to get the attachement to work!
OK, this should be better.



Yes welcome! And I agree, that last shot is lovely... that first shot makes me laugh! :mrgreen:
I love that first one. It reminds me of when my Grandma used to smother cake on our faces when we would turn 1, haha.
Cool shots.. I think the last one would look better if you gave the baby a little more space, if you know what i mean..

This should be in the portraits forum, but I am one for posting my pictures in the wrong galleries too so I can't complain :lol:

YAY 300th post :)
Adorable little baby! You might consider using some fill flash to help with the deep shadowed areas.
Thanks for the comments.

I also wish I could get slightly more space on the last photo and actually intended it to be that way, but it was one of those shots where I took it and the baby moved before the shuttter opened!

I should actually use fill in flash more often for outdoor shots as it works so well. However, I do wish that I could use a more powerfull external flash but my camera does not have a hot shoe.

One question: Does the effect of the fill in flash get less as the shutter speed goes faster?
that was a cool shot the last one is best..i love his eyes..ahehehe..

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