Chilli is not my friend


still being picky Vicky
Feb 21, 2005
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How's this for just plain evil. :grumpy:

My boyfriend works on a radio breakfast show so that means that he gets up really really early to go to work. Good thing is though that he finishes work by around 1 or 2pm. SO I thought I'd be the ultra sweet domestic goddess/girlfriend that I am and cook him a nice good hearty lunch when he gets home.

So I cooked coconut rice and some fish with coconut milk and ginger and garlic and some chillies I cut up and put in I even did up a little salad as well. So it was all perfect when he got home and looked excellent on the plates. And it was really yummy despite the fish tasting more like chicken than fish.

But anyways, I cleaned up the kitchen then while he went and had a sleep. And nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Then... 5 hours later. I picked up my camera and took a couple of photos then I put it down and rubbed my eye. :shock: Next second I was in so much pain! :grumpy: :grumpy: I had somehow gotten chilli on my camera and then on my hands and then rubbed it into the inner corner of my eye with gusto.

Man... chilli frikkin hurts. :grumpy: So that was all yesterday. Saga over???? I think not!! Now I'm left with chilli stuck under my fingernail that also frikkin hurts and is constantly burning!

Help! How do I get rid of the chilli burn. I've tried just scrubbing it with soap, I've soaked my hand in milk - that helps but then burns after i take it out. :-(
that's a drag, but i'm not sure of a cure. when i make loads of salsa and have to cut up a lot of peppers, i'll actually wear gloves, that stuff will kill you.
Man you learned a hard lesson. Gloves next time.

Try WD-40, rubbing alcohol, veg. oil, baking soda, yogurt. These all came off a website asking the same question.

Be aware that the chili oil can stay on a surface for days so make sure you clean everything really good.

We have stuff at work that we use on patients that have been pepper sprayed by the police. Maybe check with your fire department or police department and see what they use.

Best of luck and let us know what works.
what is really fun is when your a guy, and you eat a bunch of very spicy buffalo wings loaded up with hot sauce, kick back a few cold ones, go to the mens room and..............well you can guess what happens.

The sad thing is I have done 3 times :blushing:

Yep! I always make sure I put some nice soft toilet paper in the toilet after curry night.

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