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Jan 23, 2012
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Inland Empire
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Hi , guys im new to this world, but eager to learn.

I am looking for a new camera and a lens for close up / action shot .

what bundle do you guys reccomend and for a decent price.

i am looking for something that will take good close up pictures for our family owned business. We hired someone and we said we might as
well buy a camera and learn and do it ourselves and save the money.

Hope to hear from you guys!
Close up to what? And what kind of action? You can get surprisingly good close up's from P&S cameras.
What do you intend on shooting exactly?

And what's a decent price?

If you hired someone to do product photography they likely have as much invested in lighting as they do camera equipment.
Close ups such as small crushed glass (fireglass), fire burners, gas logs, small fittings.

Also ikk be shooting alot of fire pits, bbq islands.

Shooting sports and offroading pictures...

Thank you guys
The most important thing for the business pix will be a good tripod. The kit lens with any digital SLR will do the job for you.

Avoid using the built in flash; that is for emergency use only. ;)

As for the sports shots, you'll want a telephoto zoom lens.

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