Christ in Colma


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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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I thought I would stop by the dark side and hang out with you guys for a minute, if you'll have me. This shot was taken at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma CA. Colma is the City of San Francisco's graveyard, no known graves are allowed in San Francisco. Colma has a population of over one million only 1,028 are still amongst the living.


Thanks for looking!
hey nice job randog.... i posted a similar looking crucifix a little while back in here. This is a biggie tho, i think the one i caught was about 8ft.... this one looks bigger. Nicely done :thumbup:
Nice shot... love the noise in the photo - really adds! Great job!
Nice shot, dude! I'm with Calliopallie ... the noise makes it!

Welcome to the Dark Side ... you can check out any time you like ...but you can never leave ...

(guitar riff here) ;)
Welcome to the dark side. ~~~With those dramatic skies behind the cross, it's a heck of a good pic.
Hey Randog...nice to see you here. Grab your favorite Goblet , and join the festivities.
Cool shot. it.
Thanks guy's I really appreciate your comments! I picked out my goblet and I’m thinking about staying for awhile. :wink:

Arch, this crucifix is measuring to about maybe 14 or 15 feet high.
great shot randog, could we have a crop of just the tree and the cross, omitting the bottom distracting piece.
love it.
Boon said:
could we have a crop of just the tree and the cross, omitting the bottom distracting piece.
Here ya go Boon, Is this what you were thinking of or should I crop more of the bottom?

Thank-you M@ko, Mohain & Boon for your kind comments! :)
very powerful shot, love your exposure and angle... :thumbup:
crop to just below his feet, this is only my preference, but i love this shot, and i think the grainyness of it is wonderful.
thank you.

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