Chubby Robin


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Mar 25, 2005
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This chubby little fella landed about 3 foot away from me and just sat there, posing

So nice of him!
I love robins.
They are so cute!
And often those are quite tame, too (though they would not be that when I were around, I swear.....:roll: ;)).
I like how the buds have almost the same colour as his little "bib". :D
thanks lafoto. this one was very tame, I'm sure he was trying to communicate with me or something :) kept looking at me and cherping!
God, who ate all the worms?..... he is a bit fat for a bird isn't he, bet he's a clumsy flyer. good capture tho, caught the colour well :thumbup:
thanks for the comments

no crumbs for him this time i'm a fraid shelley. i think he would probably need a whole loaf
That's an awesome shot. I wish birds would just fly up near me like that.
It'd be a bad idea to feed him though, he'd probably fall out of the sky.
NYY said:
I wish birds would just fly up near me like that. .

:scratch: i hope i'm not starting to look like mary poppins :meh:

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