Chuck Norris of Photography ! (humor)


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May 24, 2012
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Ken Rockwell kills the A7rII: Says it's for Hobbyist and not for Photographers. - mirrorlessrumors
Well according to the Chuck Norris of photography Ken Rockwell the answer is no!
ROTFL, Ken Rockwell is the "Chuck Norris of Photography" !!! No idea what exactly that side is trying to say, but the comparison is pretty funny nevertheless.

P.s.: Oh and sorry I really have no clue in which subforum this belongs. Anyway it was so funny I felt I should share.

P.p.s.: AFAICS theres plenty of professionals who are using the A7* camera series. Especially now they're getting uncompressed RAW, I see little reason why thats not valid for certain applications, especially since some of the native lenses are getting pretty kickass in quality (Zeiss Batis).
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Can you say clickbait?
All in all , that would be preferential to being called "the Ken Rockwell of martial arts".


(did not click)
Um, "clickbait" ? Whats that ?

I simply gave the source, in case anybody would want to know.

It doesnt contain any important additional information, its just a comment on Ken Rockwells recent dizzing of the A7r2. Which, if you read Ken Rockwell once in a while, was to be expected. He always dizzes Sony.

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