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Jan 7, 2005
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Kankakee, IL
I shot this one last week for the builder. It will be used in promotional materials.


Looks good Pete, really gives us a sense of the room.
Thanks, Mike! I did do other angles, but found this one appealing too. Funny... we had this on the books for more than a month, but had to hurry out of the room. Seems the word hadn't filtered down, and the decorating committee was standing by, toes tapping.

I got to work the whole day, shooting other rooms.
gotta love the new super churches.
Great picture, but I must say it's a rather boring church. No colour, or large focal point in the room..
Wow, that's an impressive interior. Large, airy, bright. Nicely captured and the angle works well.
wow! that's a huge room!
Nice angle! I've actually never seen a modern church inside, pretty cool.
Beautiful shot. Was this all ambient light or what is going on here.

With all due respect to the church. This is the most boring place of worship I have ever seen.

Love & Bass
What strikes me is how well lit the room is. Perhaps you didn't need to alter the existing lighting but you've certainly captured the scene with no dark corners! Perfectly metered. Kudos
Beautiful shot. Was this all ambient light or what is going on here.

Thanks again! Yeah... all ambient light. The stage lighting is all on rheostats, so I pulled it down to "just over" the room lighting. Ummm... unscrewed a few lights that were too hot.

This is one area where I love digital over film. I was able to kill the contrast (a lot) in order to get some more detail in the shadows. I did boost the saturation just a bit after that.

Great shot(s) Pete. Thumbs up!

All ambient light!? Crazy. Looks really really good. I've seen interior shots not lit this well that had 9 Profoto heads used.

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