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    So, on the side I do wedding photography...

    last year I told my friend that I would shoot her wedding, well since then she kept changing the date! A couple of days ago, she told me the wedding is on May 2. (THE DAY OF MY SISTER'S WEDDING!)

    I told her I couldn't do it, for obvious reasons, and she flipped!

    I originally told her I would shoot it for free (she is one of those girls who is NEVER pleased) and I just thought by doing it for free I can save a friendship, and avoid the hassel of her complaining... (it's easier for her to complain to someone she knows rather than a stranger)

    So, I guess I am posting this, not only to vent, but to see if anybody knows someone who shoots photography in the cincinnati area that would fill in... I would do all the editing and ordering prints..

    I still feel bad, and told her I would try to help out with finding someone she can afford.

    Or, should I just say.. "sorry, it's on you, if you can't afford a photography.. maybe your too young to get married."

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    This is the wrong forum for your request. You should have posted this in the Business section.

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