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Jan 9, 2006
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"Backups are for sissies" i thought until my harddisk crashed and took my fotos of 1 1/2 year with it :x.
So now I'm starting "from sratch", here are two pics I took some days ago, one in the city, the other in the countryside:

Thx for having a look :wink:.
That's a real shame about the lost archives. I guess it's good incentive to go out and shoot lots of pictures now, to replace them. Of these two, the second one appeals to me more.
Check around because the disc may be recoverable. Not sure how much it costs or if they mean that much but a year and half of phots may be a lot to lose.

Oh, nice photos also.
- These two shots are great. I love the letters in #1.

- Im sorry to hear about your lost archieve. I hope that never happens to me...

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