City link are complete and utter B***ards


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May 15, 2006
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West Yorkshire
I ordered my eos 350d from ebuyer on tuesday. I got into work at 8 this morning especially for the delivery. At 1pm, a notice was shoved through the letter box stating that we were out DESPITE the fact we have a notice which says "If you can see this notice, it means we are in but maybe unable to hear you knocking" - after checking the cctv, the guy turned up, looked at the notice for about 5 minutes, decided to leave one of the items - a semi hard protective case for the 350d - next door and to take the other 3 items - 350d and 2 x 1GB cf cards - with him.

About half an hour later, the guy next door came round and said "city link have left this for you even though I told him you were in". I was like "oh right cheers" then i found the notice.

I rang the number and was greeted by an automated service asking for the consignment number to be dialled in. I looked on the card - it said "Consignment Number: " - the arse had left it blank.

At this point I went and beat the crap out of my desk for five minutes and then came back to try and find a human number for city link.

I got through eventually and was told it could be redelivered on monday. I told them i needed it today otherwise I would have ordered it for monday. They said if I had been in, i would have it. i told them i was in and that their driver needed sacking or training up in the literacy derpartment.

They rang the driver who said he'd redeliver at some point but wouldn't give a time.

I rang again and was told if it doesnt turn up by 5:30, come down and pick it up from the depot (which incidentally is about half a mile from where I'm sat right now).

I've been looking forward to getting this camera for about 2 months. Now that this has happened, I feel like shooting someone in the face with an anti aircraft gun. Maybe the driver?

End of rant.
i hear your pain brother
City link are complete and utter B***ards.... so true.... and don't even start me on DHL... if the package gets as far the depot its usually stolen before they manage to get it out for delivery to my house.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, soon you'll have it and it won't matter any more, although its insanely frustrating waiting on stuff you desperately want knowing the drivers couldnt care less if they get it to you or not!
I can agree with you on DHL. When I work overseas (Ireland, Germany, Israel, Middle East) we use DHL and our shipments are always screwed up. Fedex, UPS, and even the Post Office have given me very good service in the States. UPS is the worst of the three for deliveries to my house. Several times they have not delivered on time and used fake excuses.
Wow, for me it's the other way around. UPS always has good service, and the post office does not. I have seen several times where it has taken a week to get something that was sent from less than 100 miles away! Or has never arrived at all! :confused: Maybe I just never noticed as most packages aren't time sensitive.
yep city link are rubbish....... my bro ordered something once..... it got left with a neighbor that he didnt even know..... and they didnt leave a card to say where it was..... a few weeks passed in which time my bro was calling city link and asking them where it was...... they kept saying 'it was delivered'..... eventually the neighbor got round to bringing it up for him...... but what a crap service :confused:
yeah I got my kit in the end. Heard the driver stroking the door so I ran downstairs, kicked the door open and shouted "YOU CALL THAT A KNOCK?! YOU NEED TO DO THIS!" and booted the door again. He looked terrified. :)

And he stank of onions/vineger times 10.

All my new equipment is EXCELLENT :D I ordered another lens (ef 35-80) from ebay and it turns out the seller also uses citylink so I'm in for another stressful day trying to get the driver to come back after he see's that all our doors/windows are open and then drives off again.
I had a large order from B&H which was sent 3 day select UPS- It took over a week to get here and when it did the guy dropped the box down the stairs! Ack.

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