Classic 1960's camera's


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Dec 24, 2008
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Hey everyone,
Im new here and was wondering if someone could help me?

Im doing a project for highschool using gear from the 1960's (8mm/16mm video camera's and old ampex tape recorders.) But I was just wondering what were some popular photography camera's of the 1960's?

Dom LaFauci
... popular photography camera's...

?? I presume you mean "popular still photography cameras"

There were way, way too many to even begin to list. I suggest that you drop by a good library that maintains old magazines from the period and look through the advertising. I would suggest looking at Modern Photography and Popular Photography to get a good sampling of what cameras were around at that time.
Well some of Canons entries are

Pellix - 1965
Pellix QL - 1966
TL - 1968
F-1 - 1971

Most of the Canonet series of rangefinders came in the 50's and 60's I think.
Canon Demi
Konica C35
Minolta SRT101
Kodak Instamatic

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