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Jan 10, 2013
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Tips on how to improve would be great or just what you dislike about it.
Using a Canon T3i with a 18-55mm Im broke so using what I have atm.

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Pretty good the way it is. I wish the music would go on form the few bars that you have. I think it might be more enjoyable with more time spent on each car.
Good work. Enjoyable subject matter. Good exposure and focus control. I can tell you spent some time in the editing suite.

Two things - your specific camera has a hard time with radiator grilles and other patterned objects (a phenomenon called moire). I would stay away from grilles, brickwork, patterned clothing, venetian blinds, etc. if you can. Otherwise, dancing moire patterns can distract the viewer. The other alternatives are more expensive - a $295 filter that can help you get rid of it - or trade the T3i in for a moire-resistant Nikon D5200 or Panasonic G6.

Second, your pans and dolly shots could be smoother. Yes, I know, jibs and sliders are expensive.

Hope you find these comments helpful - and thanks for putting yourself out there and showing us your work! Look forward to seeing more.

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Ya I 100% agree about the music and that is something I hate but youtube always gets me when I try to use basically anything else it seems.

I will try to get my pans alittle smoother atm I am using a 717 fluid head on a tripod but I will try to pay more attention.

Again thanks for all the feedback
The pans & zooms looked good for handheld. At the 2:01 mark the shot could have been smoother by zooming in instead of out and then in post reverse the clip.

Vimeo has a great selection of music. The licenses for personal use/per project are about $1.98. Commercial use is much higher.

The title at the beginning may be better if there was some animation instead of static. Animate the font coming in or place a motion BG behind the text & graphic. Glad to help with some ideas. :)

Your opening shots of the people and banner told the story about the event. Nice shots of the cars. Maybe a few extreme closeup shots next time of the cars to add more interest. Some of the pans started after the clip started or stopped right before the end of the clip. I would tighten those up and not show the start & stop. The ending was good with the shot of the Queen. Suggest you use a slow fade at the end and fade out the music.

Great job overall, post up more video. :)

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