Cleaning a very mucky sensor..


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Oct 30, 2015
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So I have a second hand Sony a6000 body here, with a very mucky looking sensor..

In good lighting you can clearly see this with the naked eye:


And I took one of those "f/22 against a white thing" pictures with it:

So most stuff I read about dirty sensors doesn't mention being able to see it that clearly with your eye. And I can't find any examples online that look like the first image..
This looks to me like not just dust, but maybe specks of something liquidy stuck to the surface?

What do you guys reckon, does it look like something that can be cleaned off, or could it be actual damage/scuffs? :eek:

If it looks like just normal easy-to-manage filth, any particular suggestions for cleaning it myself, other than the usual kit? I heard Sony sensors can be fussy.. Eg This Guy getting into real trouble trying to clean his a7!

If it looks like much more than your average level of dirt I'll probably look into getting a professional to clean it. And if it looks like damage to the UV layer then I guess only Sony can fix it?

Thanks for any help!
If there is a Sensor Swab for the A6000 body then I would just use that and one drop of Eclipse. One pass to the left, flip swab over, one pass to the right, toss the swab.
I have a rocket air blower, but would probably bang it up against things if I tried and so I don't use that on the sensor. I also do not use a brush, at least the sensor swab comes in a sealed package.

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