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Jan 24, 2012
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Surrey, UK
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I have had my first attempt at cloning on GIMP, tell me what you think, I'll use it in the future to get rid of any light trails from planes etc. for star trails.



There is still a faint line where the light trail was, but not too bad, I'll just go and see if I can get rid of the faint line across.
Knowing where it was cloned, I can still see some artifacts. Try using the Heal tool to clean those up.
I didn't use the heal tool for this, but instead the smudge, but it seems pretty good, I will be practising this a lot more in future, and so I can use heal then, to try and get the best results, here it is....It may look a little different, I tried to remove the noise a little.

That second one is much better!

The first attempt wasn't bad; if I hadn't known where it was cloned, I'd have probably missed it.
Consider that that is a pretty simple image for doing any cloning in.

Yes, I agree, partly why I chose this picture, we all have to start with something new somewhere, and I'm not normally too good at photo editing (getting better), so I decided to go VERY simple.

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