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May 3, 2005
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Des Moines, Iowa

All comments, feedback, critiques appreciated ;)
I really like shots like this. I love the cloud formations. Very dreamy quality. This actually reminds me of a dream I had.

Hows that for artsy fartsy? :mrgreen:
very nice shot darin...nice compo.
any chance you can save those blown out areas? (they look blown on the monitor i'm using which isn't my computer)
This has got to be the best shot I've from you, thus far. I like your approach. Very VII :).
Neat comp and shot..
On my monitor also there are those pesty blown out areas.
But overall very nice.
Rus_T: Very artsy, I was going for a sort of surreal approach here, which is like a dream state :)

JonK: Thanks. Yeah, its close to be blown-out, it isn't just your monitor. I did a couple of different prints on this one, and went with this one. I was going for a more dreamy state.

danalec99: Thanks
Wow, thanks :blushing:

macawlvr:Thanks, I was going for the area to be sort of blown-out, but I'll check it on a couple of monitors to make sure it isn't too much
I like composition and surreal ness works well. But the blown out areas is little too much IMO, and i would bump the contract up some
Looks like mist or fog, but I suppose it is blown highlights. I like this a lot; one of the best photos I've seen on this forum.


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