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Jun 27, 2003
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a shoot i did with a young lady ... she does make-up modeling from time to time .. she just wanted something casual ... i used a softbox with flash and slave flashes ... iso 100 ... 6500 white balance (for the digital people :p ) ..

i think next weekend i will be shooting her again .. in a more industrial setting ... im gonna take her to chinatown all glammed up with spike heels and a cocktail dress ... that should be interesting :lol:




I adouble that.

HA!! :D :D HA!! :D :D

On a side note about that same image, I can see where you cleaned around her head...unless it's supposed to be like that..?
the last one i brighten the white a little ... the first 2 are straight out the camera .. just resized .. the last one is her hair kinda messy

my hubby was bagging on her arm :roll:
I can't tell what it is but something bothers me about all these shots (and no, it's not the arm). Their fine shots for sure, but sometimes some shots of mine just don't look right despite good focus, DOF, EVs, etc....

The 2nd shot is perhaps the most likeable... I think I would've placed her off center despite the simple backdrops, with a certain "movement" to the "empty" portion of the frame. But that's just be, I could be wrong, probably am!

Nice job!
the idea for her is simplicity ... she needed some headshots/body shots for what she wants to do ... i can crop them, sure i can, i still have the .tif file ... for that shot ... "center of attention" was the angle, some of her headshots i cropped so tight they look almost abstract ... i have about 100 photographs of her ... i let her pick two 8x10's from the shoot and thats amongst the one she picked (2nd shot) :D the rest, she gets a CD of the high res files ....
A hairlight would have been ideal to use on the model in the first photograph. She has very pretty blonde hair and you could really bring it out with just a hair light. Don't be afraid to really fill the frame with her face and maybe crop the top part of her head. If you notice in most of today's glamour magazines, that's what the professional's do. You could do that as well.

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