" Cold Crossing "

May 13, 2007
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Hi People...

We are having a Drought on Sunlight here in Vermonts' Northeast Kingdom, so when sun came out this Morn, I scrambled... It only lasted a bit over an hour , but it was a great taste..

This Bridge is called , " Lords Bridge " built around "1881 "... I think the name fits, because one would surely speak with the Lord before crossing it ..

anyway, I'm not much on B+W Photography, but this one lacked any color whatsoever , but had nice shaded areas for tones... My First Thought was to make it appear OLD, and in an old Fashioned photo look Manner... so heres the effort ?

" Cold Crossing "

its a nice shot i wonder how it would look in sepia tone
another nice shot from you, and I 2nd the wish to see what it might look like in sepia.
I have a kind of 'love/hate' relationship with your images NEM. They really aren't my own subject choice, but you do it so well.

My first reaction to this one was "FLAT". I reckon you can get much more contrast out of this and stil retain the tonal gradation. Yours blacks aren't and you whites are actually pale grey.

I'd happily take a crack at the RAW of this one myself, but that could be the Chardonnay talking. Give it some punch.
Simon / Kazoo... Thank You Both !!

Chris... Thank You , nice compliment!

I guess my first thought in PP on this was the old fashioned appeal, ( Lact of Pop ) kind of pic one might see in a school book, or from the 50s feel ??

Think this one falls more on the line of what you are thinking..


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