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Jun 2, 2005
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When I saw the results of these shots, I immediately thought of you guys in here :lol:.

These were supposed to be my entry for the Lines challenge - I had the idea all planned out for the entire month.... lines on a palm....telling a story. Thing is, I haven't really 'set up' a shot before. My model was very unwilling, even though his face wasn't going anywhere near it, and my results using his hand were awful. So in the end, I decided to use my own hand, and pose it much more gracefully :lmao: than he had managed. Then I had focus issues (no tripod), holding and focusing a camera with one hand while your other one stays still in the right place is very tricky!

Then when my fired model saw them he thought they looked far too freaky, and not at all what I had intended, so together with the soft focus I decided not to enter them. But thought they were perfect for this new gallery, so all is not lost :)

Hope you enjoy them!




These are cool. The first one looks neat fading off at the top. It has some mystery to it. Great to see you in the darkside too!!
yea i like the first one..... nice one puzzle, well taken :thumbup:
He he, thanks guys :) I was always here, on the dark side, just lurking in the shadows.

I was most impressed at how clean and neat my nails look :shock:

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