" Cold Hilltop Barn "

May 13, 2007
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I'm not usually a fan of softness in any amount, but I think the softness in the structure works here with this theme. It's a really good capture. Well done.
I'm curious of what it would look like in B&W since there isn't much color in it now. Perhaps that would help it. I also feel like I may want some more contrast in the clouds...but it does appear to be a very gray day. Very nice.
I'm on board with TimboAA when it comes to the color, I'd like to see this converted to B&W for sure. And I want more contrast in the entire image, not just the clouds like Timbo was looking for. All nitpickings aside, this is a nice shot. Very dreary, I like dreary.
Mr. New England I am becoming a fan of your work, this one it's a great shot really like it. What do you shoot with? what's your gear?
looks nice, but it just seems like somethings missing.

ps, i remember you from phototakers, whatever happened to that site?

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