Coldplay in concert


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Jun 11, 2006
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N. Ireland
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I was at a Coldpaly concert a few months back... I took about 100 photos but few turned out as well as I would have liked... Here's the pick of them




Any comments are welcome :)
Would love to sneak my camera into the Pearl Jam concert later this year... but somehow i dont think it will get through the body search!!! (Oooohhhh to have my very own shot of :heart: Eddie:heart: !)Are you guys allowed to take cameras to concerts!??? So jealous... my girlfriend nearly had her tiny little digital camera confiscated at a freaking :lol: Wiggles concert! very sad indeed :lmao: xx
Technically, not allowed. Stuff a small one down her shirt, and I don't think any security gaurd is really going to care all that much. Crude, but it works like a charm.
was thinking more along the lines of my 300mm zoom to get a real close up of my man!!!(sorry hubbyxx) but i doubt ill get that through security
Well I brought in my small point and shoot.. just stuffed it into my pocket, i expect the security guard thought it was a phone.

The trick to getting good closeups with a small camera? Queue for hours :lol:

Every venue is different with what they allow though :(

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