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Nov 15, 2003
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North New Jersey, United States of America
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I finished my first photo technology course at the local community college. I tell yah.. fitting time for the course in between a computer engineering career with two jobs was tough! I really enjoyed the course as it "made" me put time aside to focus on what I enjoy.....
I agree with Santos about it being an emotional set of photos. I was especially moved by the Unfinished Love Letter and the Strength of a Poor Farmer. It's a nice collection. I especially like how it moves from the strong vault to the softer, human side of the simple gravestone by the tree and continues to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Wow. That is a great set. Hope you got a good grade on that one ;)
Thanks! I'm happy to say I did get a good grade on the whole project. It was my first time ever in the darkroom so I'm sure there is room for improvement. Its just a matter of time and practice. Already registered for the second course taught in the darkroom for the fall. Can't wait!

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