Color balance while scaning Negative film

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Cuervo79, Nov 30, 2004.

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    I wanted to know if there are any "formulas" for getting the correct color balance while scaning.

    My problem most of the time is that all my scans come out red, so I visually adjust the color balance so they became as I remember them, but thats a problem when you have lots of pics, when you wan to scan an old one were you can´t remember correctly how it was.

    Most of the time you have an Idea, but I can´t seem to get all the extra red out of my scans.

    Any tips?

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    You need to have a calibrated monitor and a colour target (Kodak do one). Compare the scans to the target - unless target data is supplied and you can use that. Use your scanner software to make adjustments until you have built a colour profile. Then set that.
    Refer to your scanner manual - it should tell you in detail.
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    lol for a calibrated monitor im screwed hehe, now I have a contact sheet with all my negatives, but still the adjustment would be visual, I have a canon scaner 2400f that also scans negatives.

    Now what you are saying is to build one myself with each type of film i have. ok that´s an idea.

    Lol I wanted another way to do it cause as I said, it is dificult for me to extract ALL the extra red from my scans, they still come out redish. anyways thanx for the idea

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