Color IQ test..

I just re-took it and got a 3. WOW! lol What a difference sitting up and looking straight on made without my child climbing me like a jungle gym ;)
My score was a 4. Aqua being my weak point.
On my highly uncalibrated work monitor, I got a 12, so not bad. Will have to check on my slightly better home monitor. One day I'll invest in a super awesome monitor and calibrate it correctly.
Buckster--- you suck! Just kidding, I'm just jealous. :mrgreen:
42! Whoo hoo! I scooped you all!
With the disadvantage (advantage?) of having consumed four ounces of Hornitos Reposado, several ounces of Triple Sec, lots of lime and salt... I scored an 8... and am posting proof! Hard to do this when the monitor is moving.. lol!

Perfect score even on my uncalibrated monitor. Booya! :)

Monitor calibration shouldn't make a difference, as long as the monitor is capable of displaying enough color resolution to allow you to differentiate between the hues! The only difference would be that the hues you see are off... not the same hues one would see on a calibrated monitor!
Perfect 0 on my laptop screen. But totally understand the cross-eyed feeling. I found I could actually do the final arranging better if I didn't focus exactly on the screen, but zoned out just slightly and saw the whole thing rather than focusing on a specific color swatch or two.
Perfect zero. :D Took some time and effort, though. Lots of flipping the pieces back and forth 'til they looked right.

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