color negs on a flat bed (rated G)


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Feb 1, 2006
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Hi there guys I need some help here...
First of all I process negatives then scan them into my computer... It is almost exclusively black and white in medium format. I have a dedicated film scanner for 35mm so color is mostly on that format... However.......

When I bought my flat bed to scan med and large format i first bought a cannon one of the newer ones I guess. I would do up to 3x4 I think. It came in with a bad power supply but I had already loaded up the software before I found that out. I packed up the scanner and sent it back.

I took a drive down to office depot and bought a plain old flat bed then built a back light myself. Black and white scans great so I shouldn't complain but Since I have it I tried color... With the cannon 3rd party software it worked just fine. Took out the red and everything but then I had a major crash and lost the software.

Now if i do color it is hours of miserable color trial and error and mostly wont work after all that time. So I do only black and while on the flatbed and only medium format.

The two really cool ofter market software products that are supposed to be so good wont recognize my cheapo scanner. Which is good enough for med format black and white negs. So what I guess I am asking is: Does anyone know the name of the 3rd party software that was packed with the cannon scanner that accepted med format negs... or does anyone know a good 3rd party software that will work with negs scanned any brand of scanner....

Sorry this is so long and thanks..
Try ringing up the shop you bought it from and ask them. It's probably written on the box.

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