Color or B&W????


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Jul 17, 2003
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I shot this last night...what do you think color or b&w??


They are both nice shots. I prefer the B&W myself. My eyes are drawn to the sign. It has a feel from another era for me. Course the color one has more things to look at with that additional lighting in the window. Is that a reflection of the sign or another neon sign inside?
its the reflection of a casino across the street...
im partial to b&w ... but in this case, i like the color ... it adds a certain warmth and sets a different mood then the b&w ... i think the b&w doesnt finish the story ... it leaves me feeling empty :)

*how's that for a drama queen critique* :p
i like the b&w, but after playing with it in photoshop... you could use the sponge tool to desaturate the whole picture apart from the sign. this way you could have a b&w picture of the building, but the sign in color. also, if you do this you may want to dodge the corner of the building where the sign is.

but I still like the black and white.

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