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Feb 15, 2006
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How do you change the color setting you are working in in photoshop? also how would you change the color setting on and Epson r300 photo printer. My images are printing consistantly off from the screen image. And not just a bit off but way off, somee oranges come out greenish, it almost looks like a negative image but not quite. any ideas on what is happening here. I have changed all the ink cartriges and cleaned the heads many times.
I believe the color space can be changed by going to Image / Mode.

An important step is to calibrate your monitor. To do it properly, you need a piece of hardware that goes onto the screen to measure the display and adjust the settings accordingly.

However, it sounds like you are having bigger problems than just an uncalibrated monitor.
I think my monitor is ok because I had an image printer at Staples and it looked exactly how it did on my monitor. I think the problems is with my printer. I think your right about having a bigger problem. I like my printer because I can print 8x11.5s and smaller easily and ,when it worked corretcly, in great quality. I would like to buy a wider format printer but currently I am buying a new set of golf clubs and need a new mattress so adding on a wide format printer would mean I am spending too much considering this is my last day at my job, Im taking time off to focus on photography and golf.

If anyone else has any advice on what could be happening with my printer I would greatly appreciate it.
I don't know where you would change this setting...but make sure that you have it set that Photoshop is controlling the color, and not the printer driver.
Thanks Mike I'll mess around with my computer and printer tonight, unfortunatly I am not well versed on the technical aspects of computer. I guess I'll have to learn

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