Color Processing of Black and White?


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Apr 24, 2006
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After consulting with the fine folks of this board, I biught a Pentax K1000 from Ebay.

So now I'm getting ready to take the first shots. I went into a fine camera shop for some film and I was presented with this choice:

"True" black and white film which can only be processed at select lab.

Black and white film that gets processed like color film at any old place.

What will be the difference in prints? Self-processing isn't an option (yet). There is a select lab near, but not quite as convenient. Opinions?
The colour based black and whites used to come out with a bit of an orange tint, but I think it's supposed to have got better now.

Self processing is pretty cheap, and you don't have to print every single picture, so can end up cheaper. IMHO, you will get far better quality from true black and white film
True black & white film is great stuff...but if you can't develop & print it yourself, you are leaving a lot to the lab.

I used to shoot C-41 (color process) black & white film a lot (when I still shot film). It can have a tint to it, partially because it will often get printed on paper that is made for color prints, on machines that are made to make color prints.

It is very convenient though, you just take it to the lab like you would with any color film.

Get some and try it, then you will know if you like it or not.
Thanks, guys.

Anyone else, please feel free to toss in your three cents (inflation).

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