Colour Paper Negatives Filtration


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May 18, 2006
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I have an old antique plate camera that produces negatives 12" x 12". I am currently using paper Kodak paper negatives in the dark slide with some great success. THe only problem is getting the filtration right, as the paper is designed to work with light coming through the orange mask of the negative in the enlarger i have tried filtering with some orange gel, which does work but not quite enough. Does anyone have any ideas for exact filtration using colour paper negatives??
Have you tried filtering with an unexposed developed piece of color negative film in front of your light source? I'm sorry but perhaps I misunderstand just what you're doing here. Is it essentially a contact print from a color paper neg? There's a good chance that your curves will be all messed up on your paper neg. meaning that regardless what you do you will have to deal with a good deal of color crossover. If you are expecting perfect prints from paper negs I think you might be facing a losing battle. That said you may still be able to produce something aestheticly interesting.


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