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mark day

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May 23, 2006
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Bristol Uk
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I wonder if anyone can help ,,im using a Canon 350d and most of my shots colours seem to be pale and washed out and not vivid bright in yer face reds or yellows is this due to bad light outdoors or a contrast problem that i need to learn up on ...:drool:

Can you post some examples?

What is your work flow? As in, what do you do with your images from the time you take the time you print or post them?

Where are you viewing them? Maybe it's your monitor.

You can adjust the parameters to get more contrast or saturation...but it's more versatile to do that with image editing software like Photoshop.
Mike i now thinks its down to ISO which ive had to high out doors and to be honest the last few days ive been using the 350d i havnt really had much luck in the weather department a nice sunny day and im out again ,,, :x the canon 3434488d with 400 megapix will be out by then lol

p.s ive posted some pics in gallery under Holy Pineapple

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