core_17 said:
What's with you Brits and your constant need to insert extra letters into words?

british spelling is too adapted to britain...
its not the need to add extra letters its that extra letter is needed to make the word sound more like the spelling
PlasticSpanner said:
Lets look back into history & see if we added it or if you guys were too lazy to include it! :lol:

Hmmmmmm! :biggrin:

Too lazy? No, we just don't have time for it...better things to do. :p need a 'u' in color?? Or an extra P and E in shop??? NO! :biglaugh:

I swear I'm not just trying to annoy you, either. :greenpbl:
There now, you see? Just because other people spell their words differently you presume they're wrong! :lol:

Just kidding! I think it's so cute how you guys try to invent your own language! :lol:

Now how about these colours? :D

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