Columns and shadows


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Feb 16, 2006
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A shot from the St George's Hall, Liverpool, illustrating the attraction of classical columns. For more info about this photograph go to

Yes, no doubt, these "tb2-photos" have a graphic style all of their own, and one that I like a lot! This one is no exception, actually this one might torpedo itself to the top of the pops within my personal tb2-photo hitlist! ;) Very nice. I was thinking of you, Tony, when I was in New York trying to capture things similar to what you are able to make out of light and shadow, forms and patterns. I never ever came anywhere CLOSE... But I find your photos an inspiration!
some one told me that St Georges Hall was actually built facing the wrong way and that the architech killed himself because of this.

Dont know how true that is... anyway I've been on those steps many times and never got a shot as good as that
that was perfect for me...i like that shot pretty awesome..perfect!
very awesome, repeating patterns always make cool photos

keep up the good work
A dramatic composition and well controlled exposure combine for a very nice shot.


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