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Jul 14, 2005
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...and close the door behind you :twisted:

This is a jailhouse from the late 1800's. It had 2 cells, and they both had windows in them :scratch:

My first post since I got my camera back from the shop:D

Now all you have to do is get your cloud machine back. he he ha ha.

I like the way you composed your hand in this piece, makes this image pop. Love your imagination woodsac.
great job woodsac.... the window reflection on the floor makes this rock...

(welcome back to the pic taking....we have missed you!!)
woodsac said:
Thanks :)
I guess I could have left it a tad lighter, but this is the Dark Side.

Hell yea, dark means dark in every way possilbe!.... glad to see you back and posting in here, this is a beaut mate, love the window light :thumbup:
Excellent image. I would love to venture inside there.
Excellent shot!

If the window wasn't there, we wouldn't have all the cool prison break stories back in that time period :lol:

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