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Come on UPS!!


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Nov 12, 2007
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...my Nikon D40 is coming today and I am so excited!! I am upgrading from a Cyber Shot so it should be a huge difference and I have lots to learn. But I can't wait to start shooting!

Anyways I'm new here and just wanted to stop in and say Hi!! This forum is great!:heart:
Waiting for the UPS guy can drive you nuts when a new toy is on the way.

Have fun with it!
You should really enjoy the camera man, happy shooting
I hate UPS. If I was you...I'd probably be waiting until next week. UPS never gets anything to where it's gotta go.
Fedex FTW.

However, if you're lucky and it comes...feel free to hang out here as much as you want...I like answering questions when I can.
Thanks everyone!! Well it came this afternoon, the SD card I ordered wasn't in the box though. So I had to run out to get one, there was no way I'd be able to just sit and look at the thing till I get the card.:drool: Well off to reading my manual...I'm sure I'll be back with many questions ;)
Hahaha! The upside x downside of online shopping! I sometimes miss the "instant gratification" of buying everything in a shop, but it's always great to look forward to the postman arriving, isn't it? :)

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