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    Photography is an art and among the most satisfying hobby for many. And there are many
    nice websites where you can display what you have got. You can exhibit your wares, the
    samples of your photographic acumen there. Apart from from a hobby point of view, for
    many, it is the lure of good money that draws them to this art. Commercial photography
    is a lucrative field. And if you get regular assignments, it means a continual flow of
    money, apart from the creative satisfaction you derive from it.

    Photography, being an art is more of a relaxation and a fun activity rather than a
    nine-to-five job. It is something you do to enjoy anyway, so it is not 'work' but fun.
    However, if you wish to take up photography seriously as a profession, more specifically,
    laying your foundation in commercial photography, you may have to do a little better than
    that. You will need to get acquainted with some technical fine points of photography as
    well as also learn to get clients and keep them happy.


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