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Compact digital camera


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Dec 9, 2011
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Im looking for a compact camera but im looking for something not to expensive as its just for my handbag. I have used the Canon Ixus 990is which blew me away for a compact but they are expensive and hard to find available! Is there anything similar with a lower price thats just as fantastic? Even an older model I might find second hand? TIA =)
Not really. With handbag size P&S cameras you pretty much get what you pay for.
You could search eBay for a used Canon Powershot S90 or S95.
I use a canon sx230hs and awhile the video is cool i dont give two licks about gps. I dont need gps on everything lol. But in terms if quality it does wonders you can get good 16x20 prints from it (dont bother with the auto crap). The battery is bad though and it has a pop up flash but you can get more batteries and they do make accessories for the flash but not as much (not canon themselves). Treat it like a heavy camera and you wont have any problems. Hell my tripod is fit for a king. Mini tripods are cool if your just messing around or arent too worried about not doing what you can do on bigger ones but if you take full advantage of the camera and know what your doing then it wont make any difference. But it doesnt take the best macros in the world but im still fidgeting with that anyway.

Idk what your price range is though. But ive seen it as low as 180.
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