COMPLETE FULL COLOR and B&W Darkroom for sale


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Dec 7, 2012
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Selling my full color and black and white darkroom setup.

The cornerstone equipment is the enlarger and lenses which can print color or black and white up to 16x20, and the temerature controlled JOBO developer which can develop any film (b&w, color slide, or color negative) and can develop color prints.

For b&w, you can print variable grade paper, controlling the contrast w/ the color adjustment wheels.

I have the following:

JOBO CPE2 complete temperature controlled developer system w/ lift ($600 to $750 ebay estimate)
Various paper drums for developing prints b&w or color up to 16x20.
Film drums and reels for several 35mm or 220 rolls per batch, and for 4x5 sheet film.
Lots of tempering bottles (15-20) for maintaining chemical temperature in the JOBO water bath. I think I had enough to keep c41, e6, b&w film, and b&w print all mixed and ready.

Super Chromega D Dichronic II enlarger ($500 ebay estimate)
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Timer head, set the exposure time and click the print button.
3 good enlarger lenses in different focal lengths for printing 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5 negatives respectively,
Various paper holders for printing various sizes b&w or color up to 16x20.
Various developer trays for printing b&w up to 8x10.
Film holders for printing 35mm, 645, 6x6, 6x7, and 4x5.
Grain enlargers / focusing tools.

Custom made stand for enlarger turning it into a free standing unit at table height.

Black light, timers, thermometers, tongs, film squeegees, and all the other miscellania you need. Some pieces may be missing or lost, but you should have to buy VERY little else (excepting chemicals and supplies) to have a full function darkroom.

All you really need is a sufficiently darkened room with a 6' banquet/work table and an electric outlet. Plus any counter next to a sink (need not be dark, kitchens are fine) for operating the JOBO.

The equipment was last used in 2003 and is currently stored out of state. I will have to go fetch it all. Local buyers preferred (NYC/NY/NJ/CT/Western PA) as I'd really want to spend a couple hours going through everything and make sure we've found all the parts and pieces.

I'm asking $1000 for the complete setup and am open to well reasoned discussions that support the value being lower than I realize.

Feel free to ask any questions, or PM me to discuss price and logistics for pickup (or I might deliver locally as I have a van).


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