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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
hello, my name is ben and I'm an ebay user.

This must be what it feel like to be an alcoholic!!

Anyway, enough mundane jokes at the expence of our booze/ebay fueled friends, I'm having a bit of an issue with an ebay buy and I was wondering what you would do. I bought something, paid for it using paypal and then 2 days later contacted the seller to ask when I'd get it and what the tracking info was. He replied that he'd send it as soon as I payed. I was annoyed! Anyway, I checked the paypal accont and it's an unclaimed payment which means his paypal account is set up with the wrong email address and all he needs to do is register his new address with them (I did send them the details from paypal help), that was on Friday, it's now monday. Should I cancel the payment and tell him to go swivel or do I hang around like a lemon until he sorts his act out? I've had no reply to any emails since Friday either but the unclaimed status means that he hasn't got the money and I can cancel the transaction at any time.

Opinions much appreciated ;)
I know what you mean about the addiction, I've had an ebay weekend as well.

What I would do is send him an email stating that his Paypal account isn't accepting money, and unless he resolves it by tomorrow you are going to cancel the transaction.

If it does get cancelled, it's probably not worth leaving a negative as you'll just end up with one yourself, but don't leave a positive either.

That way you give him a deadline and an expectation and if he leaves you a neg, you have the documentation to show that you went through all reasonable steps to complete which would help you to get ebay to remove any neg.
well I've just got a call from him and he's finally bothered to sort it out. Cheeky git is using his works courier and charging me £20 P&P though which I'm not too happy about. grrrr!
I always take into account the postage cost before I bid. Sometimes that's where people make their money and it can push a cheap item sky-high.
Yeah, I did take it into account, still got an ok deal, nothing to write home about but I certainly wasn't being ripped off, well, so long as it gets to me undamaged that is!
I just had my second bad deal in a row. Just had to send back a lens that was supposed to be nikon and it was pentax K mount. The guy seems to be honnest so hopefully will get a refund.

And yes ebay is addictive. But I am starting to get annyoed at ebay itself. They are leaning farther and farther to the sellers side (where their money comes from). I really don't think if you do have a true problem. I don't think they will do a thing other than tell you to contact the seller.
You're spot on with that, I bought a body cap and rear lens cap a couple of months ago, still hasn't turned up and I've had no joy from ebay, the seller or paypal, useless gits! I'm just glad it was only a couple of quid.

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