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Jan 24, 2013
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I have the idea for doing some hdr shots, with purposeful ghosting and something like colour splash...
Of a woman walking up an alleyway, showing maybe five ghosts of her, each (towards the camera) more real than the last until the final close up is properly coloured.
In a red dress, with not quite full bw colour splash but like using saturation levels just...

It's the ghosting I am having trouble with trying to figure out, Is this sort of thing possible? In direct shooting I mean,

Or is this a photoshop job with the hdr, then separate shots cut out and layered in with differing levels of opacity in there?
Easiest in photoshop, for sure. Possible in camera using flash, a very long exposure with multiple flash pops, and careful management of background lighting. To get the "real" one, you need a "correct exposure" flash pop, and then ensure that the background for THAT image is never exposed any more -- no spillover from other flash pops -- during your very long exposure. The ghosts, conversely, SHOULD experience some background exposure from other flash pops or ambient light, to create the translucency.

It would be a ***** to choreograph, and it would take a bunch of attempts, but man would you learn some stuff.
Well, I do tend to challenge myself by setting the bar ultimately
Where there is a will, there is a way. I just have no idea how in the hell you are going to pull it off. But I do not doubt that it can be done. I would very much like to see your results

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