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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by cubcub, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Hello all,
    OK this is one of those questions where I am just looking for a direction and not an exact answer. I am about to showing some of my paintings at a local coffee shop. I am only a student and not a professional artist. I am going to be showing some of my photos as well. Say someone wants to buy a picture of lets say $20.00. Do I sign it a label it like 1 of 25 or something like that? Now since I made the photo do I hold all the rights to it? If I sell one to a customer, I just want to make it feel special to them and not something that I just recreate a thousand of even though I guess I could if I wanted to. I just wanted to see how you guys do it or what could make the customer feel like they are getting something real special and not just a wuick print.

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    You don't necessarily put a limit on the number...1 of 25. you could just put #1 or #01. Then sign your name.
    This way it's a hand numbered, hand signed print.

    Yes. Just because you sell a print, does not give the purchaser any rights to the image itself.

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