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Corel Aftershot


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Nov 12, 2011
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Nashville, TN
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If anyone is interested Corel has already released the first version of Aftershot which appears to be nothing more than a rebranded version of Bibble 5. I tried the trial of Bibble 5 about a year ago so I don't remember a lot of the details about it but from what I see in Aftershot it appears to be virtually the same on the surface.

As I recall, and I may be wrong, Bibble 5 was in the $200 range (purchasing the software has been taken off their web site so I can't verify that) whereas Aftershot is $99.99. Additionally owners of other qualifying software (Bibble 5 pro or lite, Corel Paintshop Pro X2 or greater, Adobe Lightroom, or Apple Aperture) can get it for $79.99. When I ran the trial of Bibble 5 I felt it was pretty good software with a lot of options and control over the images, but it was overpriced. Aftershot removed that limitation so for $80 I bought an upgrade since I already have Paintshop Pro.

Details are Here if anyone is interested. There is a link for a 30-day trial version there.

BTW, if you purchase it online when you try and "Unlock" the software it will ask for a license number that is not provided. Just use the serial number in both fields and it works fine.

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